Can’t watch the live feed from the bottom of the Gulf and listen to more lies from BP. Also complete pissed at the conditional (wait for those reports from the showers fellas) repeal on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Gay soldiers are sacrificing for their country every day, dealing with three and four deployments in these endless wars. Congress is continuing to ‘study’ what effect the repeal would have on the military. Every day DADT is in place is a day of injustice.

All the other NATO nations let gay soldiers serve openly, with across the board reports that it strengthens units. But the reality on the ground in the US is trumped in 2010 by an apparently continuing loop of a 50s McCarthy psa about sex addicted homos. Those small dirty little minds who ignite myths about ‘unit cohesion’ that just prop up gay hate win the day. Again.

anyway, sorry to ramble all a lead in to escape to the world of dance and theater. ta, Lew