Dashed to the last screening of the film festival half an hour early to avoid another downpour. Since last week I’ve been hammered four times on the bike and twice sat through dodgy films in soggy socks. I don’t even want to know what the remains of my mangey hair looked like. Anyway, missed the storm tonight with enough time for a stroll around Capenter Sq. a block from Independence Hall for some outdoor real special effects. The storm started to lay in on the trees and the steel gray clouds out of a Remington etching seemed to time lapse over the the clock tower. I stayed 30 seconds too long and it was old soggy socks again. All worth it though because the so-so film had a scene that was so close to a moment Jack and I had together when we got our first apartment. On the way home, I tried to remember exactly what we said in that moment, but I could only remember looking at him as I caught a glimpse of the half- moon hung low in a cobalt sky against the city skyline.