Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is currently waking everybody up at the Randall at Temple. It is another spirited classic adaptation refracted through a gay lens by Peter Reynolds’ Mauckingbird Theatre. Genders are switched, pronouns are fluid at the retro-futuristic Athens Academy where everyone may be texting, but the real texting is out of their mouths. Terrific ensemble of 20 handling of Shakespeare’s poetry. Standouts include Brent Knobluch’s fleet, flinty Puck. Charles Ilingsworth IV, stepping in at the last minute as Oberon, is so relaxed that you believe in all of his magic power. His Queen, Titania Sean Thompson, have stardust on their sleeves. Danielle Pinnock as Bottom is tops with her joyous physicality and comic skill.  Renolds’ signature his crisp pacing helps you roll with the gender shifts. Not that the mortal roles are given short shrift – Lysander (Emily Letts), Hermia (Erin Mulgrew), Demetrius (Sean Gibson), Helena ( Patrick Joyce) sing and spike one of the best verbal jousting scenes in all of theater.