David Parsons brought his troupe back to his many Philly fans with his very commercially viable Remember Me a dance rock opera devised with East Village Opera Company that strings together 13 famous arias ala Bohemian Rhapsody. It is very slick and can horrify puriest of both art forms, but within the surface gloss Parsons is choreographically still taking risks and has fantastic phrasing going on. Of course, Parsons dancers are full-throttle in their athleticism and passion.

Parsons most famous piece, the mind alterting Caught, a solo first danced by David Parsons himself, which opened the Philly performances. Caught, set to electopychedelic music by Robert Fripp, manipulates strobe lighting to make it appear that the dancer never touches the ground, in fact, the performer appears to be frozen or traversing mid-air.  It looks like the dancer is being punched through another dimension. It has never been executed with more precision than by Miquel Quinones in this performance.  So Zen is Miquel that he wasn’t even breathing heavy when he finally drops out of all the invisible vaults.