Skipped the gym after all and went over to the sculpture garden on East River Drive and read Farewell Symphony and danced around a bit as the sun was starting a slow summer descent. Edmund wrote Farewell in homage to Proust. Well, an uncensorable Remembrance of things Past. I bought it when we were in Rehoboth, probably 1996 or 7, when it was first released in paperback. Have been reading it the last two years in random chunks, as sort of a nonlinear neverending diary, the way I’ve read Rorem, Vining & Isherwood- but this year, because it feels like it reflects a passage of summer, symbolically, in my life. No way to really be part of summer at this age, I’m reading it straight through, between books for review, just at my spot in the garden along the river, so maybe it will stretch to Sept.

Beautiful vistas over the water– the single skuller, in a tam, the beautiful Hispanic man on the ledge filming himself on site with a mini-cam, strollers, whispering trees and light traffic sounds on a holiday weekend when everyone flees. beautifully and serene. Caught the dance skaters in line dance patterns that was so much fun with the crowd, then back here. Night and back to Wilde, Mogdigliani and the unmarked tape with Longtime Companion, a remembrance that 30 years ago today, the first NYTs article appeared about Rare cancer seen in 41 homosexuals’ and so it all began.