from Days of Mercury

Wind tide eastward
dust spikes
Determined to blind
Or close the throat
other fetid
remnants would
appear on alternate days
waters trisecting
a frieze northward
toward an invisible gushing
traced along that promontory by Mercury
left untouched even
Though he knows that
It is all over for now
The copper eyes obliterating
light years and
feet accelerating
chronicling foliage
at mach speed
Brushes his temples to
Remember the silence of
the metronome that
keeps pulse
his time along the
burning gallery
Now collapsed into
Fevered static expanse
But a quotient does
that does not recall
Mercury flies
from the disappeared
it is all water music
heard inside
the concussion
unseen with stillness at dusk
particles that reject
that all his missions had
been vaporized
when he lowered
his eyes to pierce the cobalt cove toward Olympus