Because of a cancelation of Hello America…my name is Jimmy Baldwin at Fringe Fest Sat I was able to go to the Dancefusion concert at the Mandell Theater and so glad that I did. The concert was a sampler of contemporary pieces capped off by a largely forgotten modern classic- Threnody by choreographer Mary Anthony, her 1956 dance version of  Rider’s to the Sea. Dancefusion artistic director Gwendolyn Bye was onstage as the lead mourner, bringing the theatricality of this troupe. The story is akin to modern Greek Tragedy, but Bye kept to understated acting, and shimmering technique.  Anthony’s choreography tells the story so straightforwardly, and these dancers a testament to why story ballet is as relevant on the dance stage as ever.  Ms. Anthony was in the audience for the performance. Seemed obvious that this artistic torch has been beautifully reignited by Dancefusion