The Physics of Cobalt

somewhere in the 20s
astronomers started to know that
expansion of the universe was speeding up,
Cassandra half heard it on NPR or
a rerun of The Cosmos
she remembered this fact
as she put the note to
Mercury under her cobalt blue pyramid
tried to sleep.
The dream vortex
has her remembering to
keep thinking about it as a
a profound enigma
or colors of a racid pool
or intellectual burlesque
then she recalls a snatch
of dialogue
that snagged her mind unformed
but with the knowledge
that dark energy
is revealed in the 1995 volumne
of 450 other stars
She asks Mercury to deliver
the letter to Edwin Hubble on his
regular route
?Was he in fact carrying the communique about the 250,000 observable galaxies like ours?
there is no mystery they say with
their eyes at the same time
Night is over
Cassandra starts another note to Mercury
with the droll line
Course we don’t have the atmospherics charts
Part of my–
–she thinks that she
Work is about this–
Push the plans for the universe as a hole
Physics and the math push farther and reach back
with supple math
Does your mother know that our existence is more miniscule
She knows our minds go on to discover she still gets us the meals and releases us daily
even when she haunts
She knows how our brain works
in its revolutions
the days of dim return
unannounced she braces us to the
bluish way of
Delusions that are quantum
ordering dark energy
expanding, she forgets to think
beyond infinite promises of doomed light imploding