Nothing erases a Philly grey day, like a clouds breaking up & a misty over the Schuylkill River. Biking over the South St. Bridge, hard to keep my eyes on the road- stealing moments of the gorgeous skyline, mysterious and rather luminous tonight when that old devil moon, directly overhead, was breaking through those Universal Studio clouds. Then on the serenely beautiful Penn Campus for the Eddie Palmieri Latin Jazz Orch. concert at the Annenberg which was pretty much sold out. Great crowd & just master musicians. Even though there were sound/tech problems, it was bothering no one but the 75 year old master of Afro-Carribean music, who said that the audience and his superb band deserved that it should be correct. There were equalizing problems and feedback moments, but over-riding them with sheer musicianship, Mr. Palmieri & co. cut their losses and played one sizzling, scintillating and memorable set. Mr. Palmieri’s piano just wending every which way to take us to that silvery moon and back before we knew what was happening.