It was definitely Erin go Braugh all over town today with everyone showing the green, except to say, this sad sack. Not one article of green this year. Anyway, tooled over to the Annenberg to catch Jason Marsalis & his tight quartet. The youngest Marsalis, didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps on piano (well, not directly) or his brothers on horns, but he may single, or double-handedly bring the vibes back in fashion. His tribute to Lionel Hampton’s instrumental of Midnight Sun was just transporting. He also whistled, in trills and dissonant jazz voicings the standard That’s All but it actually was more than a novelty.

He split the evening with Simone, daughter of Nina Simone, who is a jazz and blues belter & funk-neosoul chanteuse. She can easily flash her mother’s signature contralto trill, but she did so with sparing respect. I had a flashback that I had seen Nina at Irvine, just a few blocks away, in the 70s. She did seven songs and split for Paris leaving everybody panting for more.

Biking home the skyline outline with emerald neon on Liberty Place and casting green a low flying cloud of city dreams