July 1979                             Stillness
An aria to the
chaos of
Infinite ifs

Thinking of a swimmer
Without recalling
His exact features
Without sadness
Anymore, so
je’ taime
remained lovers
Because I can no longer envision
Infinited arcs of light
Or Virgo novas
On 100 degree days like this
Since now we can only see
Those sylvan enclaves
As momentary
Escapes in
The striations of arcadia dreams
or dying scenes
That shouldn’t be revived
on horizon                Where azimuth shatters
To this flicker of time lapse

In studded silver rain in this
Afternoon when a sculler
fires his oar
exiles the others
Without will, but infinited heart
and stood among the
without breaking their
Rhythm he was so fast away
Like a stone arrow
Carved in lightening by Mercury
still I see his shadow
Just below the surface
With one leaf scribbled
To let me know to swim
Without remembering
To forget his face.