Gyroscope – log 7.4.2012

The solid structure of the universe ends in a beamshadeless and prismatic a distance congruent to the mind somewhat of a fantasyParticular to the mantouching the seaward time

Rended dark
Those dogged
That proof is
Proof and dig
Some more
Research till their
Eyes fall out
Question to question
Quotient ferret
Shadow in shadow
In shadow to
Negative fields
They discovered
The god particle
Short for ‘Where’s that
Goddamn particle’
But that had to be made
Safe for cereal boxes
The Higgs boson particle
Sees the universe
Or Van Gogh dreams
in the flawed iris
Threatens to bust
Up the whole
Murder of cardinals
Off their vacation reading
Not to mention Sunday
But in this moment
There is sudden
A aria to the
chaos of
Infinite ifs
And its
Silence before
Any action is
Realized into
Motions of
Knowable codes
Turned into
Galleries or the
Act of light
Over the burst
Fountain of
Mercury in eternal flight