remembering without being sad. well maybe a little.


The Dreamers’ Dream

                                                      Awoke to ink drunk
Picasso circus Loop With  Gayboy acrobatsTorsos in aerial whipsConcussive on a flying trapeze barKnocking me off the platform.T dance at the M & MIn Atlantic CityWaiting for club drugsWhen Timmy

asked us to danceWith him if we wanted any
As we bumped our brains out
With flesh camouflage surrounding
The music .
Underground with water pipes
Standing in the subzero drain
We didn’t collapse because we were
Pushed together on the dance floor
But we both had concussive
You said I saw this in a movie
And we laughed like idiots.
Saw Chet in the lav waiting for drugs and
He played us a mournful ballade.

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