decofrom Days of Mercury

Crystal Triangulates of cobalt lasers splice The room Past forest Torsos Interiors Careening mosaic Onto the arterial specter Of a blond bird Blowing out smoke Dancing to techno Wagnerian sonicale His locks Moving around a surge of melted Figures who formulate Out of a whirling void Eyes to tell Feel them more than I feel you Sneers squirrels away Commenting I thought With track of Blue smoke trailing Out of his nose Lines of sulfur At mach speed Punched through imploding sounds capes He looked at Me As if he knew My deceit My corruption My reckoning of loss The burned dreams We used to have a sexual history But couldn’t place it in Time Wanting me To take another He made me think all The time You punch Through a club Neon quasar The hands rewound Out of the room So I gazed a Soul out of you and I caught this tightness in His glare that Made me lurch Toward you Pin his glistening Shoulders against The arch And map out The silhouette of your body in real time.