the clouds come in 2.28.2013

Au revoir, les homme

Did I dream you dreamed about me?
Song to a Siren by Tim Buckley

Are you livid
Are you quiet
Are you drown in my dream
Over Damascus
Over Jerusalem
Over Atlantis
Quiet enough
To get by
Without me
Have you got a
Shield for me,
a lyre
For me
An all gods
Dead or alive
godless prayer
That keeps us safe
Leads me inside
Your Amsterdam
Where we
Drink grappa
Stumble into Paris
liberate me over
The fields of the dead
Are you with me
Are you with me
This time as you were before
In Cologne
Where we didn’t leave that
bombed villa for two weeks
Before we were both starving
In the woods
Are we quiet enough
Running along this river
Not to see anyone else
I know you don’t want
To hear me
Because you think you can
Save us another way
But you did come to me in a dream
to tell me not to
Listen to you
That I would have to know
whenever we are going to
Be able to leave
On the night boat to Capri
Or vanish here.