IMAG0056 LWpics)
Chet plays the Mercury L

Before the rain

Tore off baleful hearts

private pictures
Of sordid songs
other rooms
stolen cornet in
A dreamer’s dream
Running nails
In abandon hotels
Staring at broken
Table with sepia note cards
onyx cufflinks
silver cigarettes clips
Dented flasks
discarded tricks
loves under the smoke
Betrayed with cold promises
Echoed whispers
of a coma night.
Up, wet, clothed, out
Driving red ’55 chrome
Alfa with your blonde
Hair and scarf playing wind tide
On my lap
You make me hum ’Where or When’
And kick your shoes out
Of the window to feel
your arch and paint your toes pink.
I piss you off
you can’t chase him down
To the wrong door
To that empty hall
that lullaby
A damned psalm about
a fix melody
You think of playing but
Instead lets the mirror glide open
And all he sees is the black satin
Lapel against the mangled collar
Clinging to his fevered hair.
Then he stays
Away to complete
That unseen picture
Of lacquered eyes
On the wounded brow
Crouched over cobalt mirror notes
Ash and whiskey spilled all over the bed
She saw him cradling his trumpet in the flat
as she turned.