Tchaikovsky morning

fr~ Days of Mercury

realm is ours
leading nowhere

heroic vanquished

not wandering in a dream
Earth fire water air cobalt maybe warns

before the corps de ballet come in
hands reaching to infinity
dancers flee the promontory

instead split infinitive

it would always be eclipsed

our revisiting
hour remembers

deep fever

dream in dream in dream
Remember vanquished haunted blood
It was the same sweated nights you had before except no replay of the conversation we whispered remembering to forget “I’m a little afraid”
“what should we do?” “Nothing, go back to sleep, until we know what we already know”
all blues cobalts indigos cocooned together, hunted alone
Item (in the wings) Dancing together before every performance
In a couple of weeks it all changed before we knew it- the skipped classes
The last minute calls of performance subs, the pretense at dinners and rehearsals.
“we should tell them,” I said. “they already know,” he said.

I got sick first but we found out later that medically, my guy was in much worse shape and that anything could happen. It was going to be slower with me.
It was the last time we made love
Under all the coats we needed to keep up warm dropping to the floor
then we opened all the windows and heard Serenade Tchaikovsky string, sonorous indigo finale beginning to dream ladies of the ensemble weren’t saying goodbye
So we leapt toward them