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Mormon Boy 1 Photo Carol Rosegg

Ex-communicated Mormon, ex-Park Ave escort, ex-self hating gay man Steven Fales brought his off-Broadway award winning one- man show Confessions of a Mormon Boy for the final week of the festival for five performances and even though the second show was a lighter house on Thurs. than the opening night, he obviously cares about every detail of every performance.

On the face of it Confessions has so many points of titillation, starting with stripping off his Mormon 2ndskin undies & trading them in for a 2xist jockstrap. But there is so much more to his story and this show. Fales, a six-generation Mormon having his first sexual encounter on his youth mission in Portugal. He believed in his faith so much that he was first confessed about his sexual preference to Mormon officials who want to ‘fix’ him. A distant, demanding (and, we find out, cheap father). Their answer is to have him overcome his gay lust and marry. He does and is emotionally in love with his wife. Seven years into it and even with the birth of two children Fales fails at killing his sexual soul. He tries to liberate himself and flees to New York with only his looks, musical theater experience and $60. which led him to occasional parts onstage but better paying gigs as a private dancer. Fales rebuilds his life & eventually bottoms. Sex, religious guilt, more sex, crystal bars, therapy, lying to his family & friends. Fales was living another repressive life of his own design and hit his own wall.

With cynicism, wit and hope intact Fales’ thoughtful confessions are not just a tell-all, they showcase his talents as a writer and actor. It doesn’t hurt that he sings well, move well, does multiple character scenes and make his story an mission of a dad’s gay pride and self-acceptance.

Remaining performances tonight & tomorrow (2m & 8pm) in the very comfortable and cool Playground, 1st floor studio theater in the Adrienne on Sansom St.