Chet Plays the Mercury L (alternatetake) fr~ Right before I met Vincent

Before the rain
Whisper ballade
The private pictures
in sordid songs
About stupid hearts and
Busted gigs
Trashed in
drop dead lipsticks
Chipped onyx cuff links
Silverdeco cigarette cases
left on by
Discarded lovers
Thrown through cobalt smoke
Of scared promises
Playing the
corruptible psalm in a
winding dreams
or Driving a pink panel
Chevy convertible
your luscious hair
moontide cello on
His lap

you make me sing
‘Where or When.’
kick your shoes off
feeling your arch
to my toes

baby, I pissed you off
you know why

I can’t know why

you can chase me down
To the wrong door
in that empty hall

that lullaby
that damned

a damned melody
of sexless lust
shadows of shadows in shadow
lets the mirror open
all he sees is the   the torn collar
Clinging to his wet hair.
forces silently
Away to complete
That unseen picture
Of lacquered eyes
On the wounded brow
Crouched over
whiskey ash notes in tracks
spilled all over the bed
Cradling his trumpet