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may3flore 018
Delphinium ~ a gay garden, revisited
May 2000

Till the shadows
on his past
In a separate garden.

Except that we were
they cared less
full silhouettes

silent blooms

or mindless
heads thrown back for
That last meal

the razed sun mocking itself
on a wayward frond
Tricking the eye into
Thinking that it is

reseeing a day of youth
the shade of shadows
in shadows

the shrill darkness

of the last fall
When everyone was

just another monster of

the million-rooted blood hydra

to be melted

who were we then

to be still here

on this day hidden
behind black purple
Siberian irises
splashed with vodka
sweet sweated morning glories
all flora

staying out for a long

fox gloves
slap each other with lurid lilies
forgetting the cauldron
of dried tears


smiles of a spring day

more laughter

warm intimacies

winds swirls
making us blink in
red or violet afterburns
of more champagne

pink fade to the

chorus of dahlia

that swat & sway
all afternoon
dance against
the hushed leaves of grass
the entre-acte of blur organza
brushing by
Spiked feathers
Tripped over bowl of clover
Whispered over
villainous amaryllis

we, us, our

Sacre du Printemps dancing
With such beautiful intent

Snapdragons in
feral poses
Under arc of de triompherow of
lilac clematis
(ear-ringed, dreadlocked)
And the ladies of the Camellias lingerenough to
On neon Medusa granite dragon
finally blinded

the orchidvine spiraling on
zinia in gnarled beauty
because of
and forgetmenots
lost on other endless fetid afternoons
but certain of the geogalaxy
but wary of the ants
cotillion or
The red speck-disco flies
Amok on mauve silkbelles

By dusk

there is no more music
The lovers gone
out of the
heroic sea
of unwanted souls
What we
were once
& need to be again
Will always be

on this vanquished day

remembrances of
Ghosts of the gardens at Versailles.
through endless
unforced bloomed
in this twilight of roses
still lost in someone else’s time

no we did not
remember promises not to
fall in love
cheat on our lovers
Or press leaves between
The pages of the pact that
We are finally
loving witness for each other
that is our sanctified root
the perpetual motion in eternal bloom on this final day

So the light changed
there is laughter
as the silver lark
flies out of Troy
sings to drown out
cry for the next rain
soaring in this
the afterburn of this metropolis

so blinding
she soars
in to the fields of
as the shadows of the past warriors
shield all the queens of the garden

(For Jack & all those beautiful men gathered that )