diminuendo in blue (photo by Jan Carroll)

Fr Gyroscopes

Ice plains of Pluto

The mountains were named after Tenzing Norgay,
the Sherpa guide create six atoms of ununseptium by colliding isotopes

recalibrate vaporous map
until further notice


North of Moscow
Scientists collided
Isotopes 20,97
Calcium and berkelium
a sub chamber
In milliseconds
Unsuspecting species went about their business
But it scrambled more
void time
Than big bang
betting odds
around uber-infinite
bets of longer
A unnoticed
Fire sat in what
Looked like
A realm of
for the moment
Un0un septium by
International Union of
Pure and Applied Chemistry
Placing it on the periodic
Table as no. 117.

West Italy

The Shroud of Turin

Jesus’ death robe
has been digitally
Enhanced &
Professionally, if not
Clerically cleansed
Up from the fire
Repair done by Nuns
In the 13th century.
Of course none of the
Stains have been damaged
The Vatican official
Statement is that its
Authenticity should be taken
With a pillar of salt
Correction: a grain of salt

In a related story
salt is good
For removing blood stains
or thrown over the shoulder
It can also blind someone who
sneaking up on you.

East Africa

skeletons of humanoids
A couple of million years
Older than Lucy
Who by now is retromod
(found On the West Coast of Africa
And everybody’s grandmother
The mother and teen were
Taller than Lucy and
More evolved physically
Between simian ancestors
And Neanderthals
This opens up new
Evolutionary avenues
kind of blows Noah
Out of the water
But he would want
The text amended
Without pause
Darwin vindicated but
Still on trial


West Village enroute

crumbs & vapor
evidence of things
unseen and your
lost gyroscope
enough not to
Even need to know
If we were going
Uptown, downtown
or crosstown

Claude and me stumbled out
of the
Mercury L
breathing cobalt
Fire not knowing
Even when or why or if

headed out
last night?
A willful blur
Some micro-pill mixed
Or so
vodka martinis for dinner


A floor show at the Met
With Aidaman
Storming down the aisle
proclaiming in disgust
“That mezzo stole my hair & my act!”
(We escaped the Wagner but not before
pouring Aida in a cab)
“to the Silhouette bub!”

“but that’s just across the street?”

Aida hand him a twenty

“got it! So you’ll be back, no?” he asks
“Nevermind, just pick me up
In a half hour and bring me back here for
her last act.”

Claude & me took

off to Fausto’s opening
Which the artist
usually doesn’t attend until
Everyone but possible
Fuck buddies leave
so we swung
By his flat to see

that everyone was there

we were the last to arrive before
Two men in kilts stood guard
Drinks were shoved
In our hands

And Claude collapsed
In a terrific heap
as we were were

ushered in on cue

with violin&piano

conjuring the room
With hostile phrases
razor sharp
note bends
furious contrapuntal
Interlocks that
a faded to
hints of beautiful

“I heard that once before
In Prague after
The war.”
Vincent whispered

without a word
We left on the

dragged out of the room

vanquished eye
To truths
  remembering to forget
marred waltz time
released in the pages
Of a lost fragment
in transit
Riveted to the track
Crushed repeatedly
then entering a new night
When it is played during a
Silent nocturne