From Gyroscopes  (appendix)

The NYTimes 4.25.2016 reports that

……………..half of which includes “candidate phyla radiation” that are still waiting to be discovered. Humans are in the bottom branch of eukaryotes…


Eukaryotes the gods

so underoversidewaysdown


 smashing neologic

mirrors obliterata

recited on the bottom of the ocean

Not a glimpse or                                        word will be revealed 

vaporized on our way

So the creatures stay under

don’t acknowledge heavens

fly unsidedownoveroverover

visera oceanic

There is a clue that

A million blood tongue hydra sleeps

For now gurgles conceals 


In a cell

& Spica bacillica   

cosmic ice 

 a vanquished hole

chains devolved 

unvoided              reheard            quantum swallowed

fucking     unvoided


 vaulted from the Blacksea

until  until until

the infinite if

or Igor unleashes Le Sacre du Printemps

or Cocteau smokes enough for Beauty and the Beast

& Isadora crashes  through the trees in the Urals

to smacks into Vaslav midair

& Monk’s releases chromatic infinity

or Chet Plays the Mercury L

after night falls

Renaldo escapes and writes in water for all  Atlantis 

evidence of things not seen

making  the safe path for the pagans to return