From Gyroscopes  (appendix)

The NYTimes 4.25.2016 reports that

……………..half of which includes “candidate phyla radiation” that are still waiting to be discovered. Humans are in the bottom branch of eukaryotes…





Eukaryotes the gods

Through smashing logic

mirrors to obliterata

I reckon for the bottom of the ocean

Not a glimpse or                                        word will be revealed l

vaporized on our way

So the creatures stay undernorth or

don’t acknowledge heavenward

fly unsidedownoverandover

to reckon the bottom of

The oceanic

There is a clue that

A million blood tongue hydra sleeps

For now gurgles

In a cell

& in a parallel spiral

Throwing the dice into to a new black hole

chains of lifeforms, devolved sobriquets

unvoided              reheard                            randomly swallowed

fucking     unvoidedly

ibidibidibid- randomly time reveals the next

occurrence of

confirmed reality when  Igor unleashes Le Sacre

Cocteau smokes Beauty and the Beast

Isadora materializes through the trees of Moscow

Renaldo escapes in the ocean to write in water for all eternity

in beautiful unknown realness

The infinite if                when moments are not

so  we start to create