decoendlessly, from last night

the pulse
blue echo

the concussive
murmurings earlier
spying my belly button
in a drawer between
with shredded  biker socks

still molting at 7:42

rusty gaze

as marble sinews pulse
from vodka/quaalude

geometric ink

butterfly on your left shoulder

that danced the night away out of our minds
lusting off
to eternity
this trail of whispers & clothes
ending in a
glitteringly butch
dreamt only once before now hover in
diamond movement
à l’après-midi d’un faune
Angling over a
busted wall
-when did you
share me
with candy-
from the other club last night
it is time to go out to dance, no?
is it still 3:20
1972 drenched
In sex forgotten in a flash with  all the
beautiful ones inhabiting the
Atlantis Galleria
busted open in the rumbling
strata of debris a

anonymous  basilica liberated from any former crime
in faith knowing we
we are giving our bodies to each

unlost resplendent present mighty

human havoc sane all the same
sounds of falling onyx
from cracks below
Leaves scrapping branches
blue mercury running through
Fingers onto
the temples
we hear
sonic psalms
La la la Sacre du Printemps
to escape the sound
Of the blood pulsing together

of the blood of ancestors

of the blood of ideas

of the blood of body mind & soul

We witness to live

inside a
Coldest room
waiting for scarred
voices down here, below
Flamingo tangerine fucshia
Dahlia darling ascending
soul & sugar



et. fuckin’ al. baby
nobody walked away
empty hearted
the corners
of the rooms folded up
not inside shadow
on bluer shadow
pulsing resonance
concussive dissonance
as the body starburst
endlessly through that smashed atom
still dancing with Shiva we dance for you&we dance for with you perpetuo molto

on ink-night beholden to our rainbow warriors
                                                                                                                          so mighty real


for Sylvester & all warriors