from Days of Mercury

a visible silence

of amniotic nova

hidden spirals

hurling into the savage voids

flights of unseen


or solar continuo

drawing reverse


Casandra still whispering

secretly, the math of Troy

venal truths of the ages

We traveled then,

to the promontory unseen

on an infinite if

Will I come home

is there illusion elsewhere

that mock this place

Will we fed on the knowledge of infinity

& misread everything in its path

I woke with knowing nothing

but the phantom soul with John Anthony

my momentary love infinitum

he told me that day that would be his last watch

but wanted to get home in time so we could swim by

the cliffs while there was still enough light

but there are flashes

that narcissus had drowned the surface.

He whispered “back sometime soon….t’amo mon amie” as he

embraced my shadow

or I seem to dream later that full silhouette running against

the rock, fire and lava

mountain in the distance.

or did the shadow explode

to primal ways of escape

bled out thoughts

the lust of consciousness

ivy grows around the body

absorbs the veins

covering the spiral of hope

& then we’re unsheathed

by radiant birth of stars and pagan gods

( for John Anthony Nespoli)