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Monk Dream

fr The Music Room

                      Same nonsleep

   with unaccompanied celesta

                            wondered in the area of

tonal seed sounds and they can’t talk about

mental health on the same days that we

     play at playing

I haven’t sensed any chord changes

because         they are all laid out before

me an endless ostinato on a scroll of,

hidden notes.

Lilac notes, quarter notes, dead notes, severed notes, notes from

the grave, poisoned notes, notes

black notes

& who was it who

said music is really between the notes,

well it doesn’t matter

they are all there in the head of a Sphere, that’s my

middle name.

  People even ask what is jazz, what can

this music be and I just tell them ‘both at once’

and let them figure it out

No one can talk to me when he’s like this, they whisper. sounds good

to me          rhythmic space exploration when

when they are expecting

swing                 I am a walk in my chromatic garden sometimes on another sphere simultaneously

that high, maybe Delius

maybe not, (the stranger comes back

she sees me instead)

        No time for Monk deeper in their dream

maybe I’ll wake up and play something that they

won’t be able to hear it until we’re back uptown.