Chet plays the Mercury Lounge

from The Music Rooms

Before the rain
Tore off
some baleful heart
in private pictures
Of sordid songs
beats inside my head

in alley footfalls
other shadows
that quit the sounds
my stolen cornet
the dreamer’s dream
of spent memories
In abandon hotels
hand on that shattering
note to infinity

bent invitations
lipsticks bleeds

onyx cufflink hurled
silver clips crushed

discarded jacks

lovers under

blue smoke
faced away

twin nightmares

clutching promises
night sweats
in whispers
through a mumbled coma


Driving red ’55 Alfa

your blonde hair &

silver scarf  catching scruff
against my neck
you made me sing ‘Where or When’
you cradle my horn

like it was our boy in your arms

throw your head back

you dangle your foot out
the window to flex
your arch
to the world, while my

toes curl around the gas petal

that day somehow becomes nothing

when I pissed you off bad

over the fucking moon bad


and so, goodbye bad

You can’t chase down
in scorched door
of that empty stage
that escape on lullaby street

now condemned psalms
of sexual blue
in fevered pitch
Then he shoots the stars
into that vanquished nirvana

pictures of godless eyes
Of mercury wings
On the wounded heart
Crouched over burnt notes
Ash, smack, whiskey

honey flowing’

all over the bed
melting my trumpet