The Dreamers Dream

            (fr Still Lives)

Awoke to this
ink drunk
Picasso circus
Looping dream
queer acrobats
torsos and
pewter eyes
bolting over a trapeze orgy
exhaling smoke
on cobalt spectrals
a lightening gallery
of lovers in fabulous flights
midnight dance
at the M&M
Waiting for drugs
When Paulie
asked us
if we wanted any?
our heads all but busted
from snorting our brains out
With flesh camouflage surrounding
The music
hanging on smoke

We didn’t fall because we were
Pushed together on the dance floor
But we both had
dreams of nodding the night before
You said I saw this in a movie
And we laughed like idiots.
Saw Timmy in conclave

motion at the Lark waiting
for beauties dipped in meth
so he played for us a mournful ballad.
On his lyre about a diva who died
Before her first performance
then he bolted down
the Beach hearing La Diva
somehow from a ship
into the
purple waters
in the
nightswimmers dive
bound together then rushed
back from
being ripped apart
in waves
remembering to forget
point of excavation
saw you tumbling toward me
Over and over again
shimmering arias
looking back at the Disappeared
Had this dreamers dream
Where there was a hologram
Cutout of the ocean off the
Port of New York and
All of the creatures of Atlantis
Pressed on the crystal bloc
For examination by Verne
And Darwin before they
Went in for dinner
And discovered the bones of
Transmogrifications of the ages
You said not to look and not to be afraid
Then you said that’s how we should die
I woke before I knew what you meant.
Actually the next day we were
On the beach and you went into the water with me
and we danced underwater where noone could
see but your arm holding the cigarette
Above the wave as we were spit out


The solid structure of the universe
ends in a beam
ageless and prismatic
a distance congruent to the mind
and somewhat of a fantasy
Particular to the man
on a seaward time

(for Jack, in endless summer)