Danse Macabre

“rarely said aloud and not bound to any objective accuracy” *

Down and outward my gray heart

Gargoyle limbs and swayback plies

Wistful discords of the body in flight

Silhouettes enter like fragments of night.

 Venal lunges and lived eyes

Slips of the body

Tongues rush by

Vestiges of emotions

Or infinite redoubt

An Inner sculpture

 flung out.

 A feral image beheld

Of rebirth on  

Amniotic streams of the gods

Livid with consciousness


Only a trace of tethered skin

On the other figure

Walking off

Cut from the sandtides

The buried  beauty of

The untamed heart

As it searches everywhere~

As silence drowns out the lyre

*from John Loughery’s ‘The Other Side of Silence”