Night Journeys

from Days of Mercury

A time sketch summons from

someone else’s dream

Lyric in sense memory

a pulse of escape

trapped inside reason

a vaulted motive

recalled by forgotten objects yet

of such vibrant emotion,

the bodies rewound out of the room

Sometimes shards of music

fade in or out

sometimes collapsed bloodcells

are heard

sometimes amniotic touch is felt

times a whispered beat is not heard

Dance shadows of planets

a simulant echo

in the womb of the dead

the livid pool

of mercury spirals

vanished at horizon

Rarer still

overtures of dying

rarer than soundproof grief

rarest still,

the soul’s maze

its battlements crumbling

in the concert of the days

The formal dismissal

heralded by trumpets

that left

your heart

your room

your halls

your house

as the specter

turned away

from the glare

off the iron gate

that let me float out.

Still, your voice

echoing in me

down that vanished path.