Aerial time
between frames
eyes blink
out the buried memory
of sun during
ugly days on earth
so to flip
past unreconciliation
like cards in a nickelodeon
stopped on a sun spot
of childhood accepting it
as a brother dependable
and owned
craven and blanched
separated from the real
scheme of time
a weapon against fear
Since then the blur
of facts.

A cauterizing enshroudment
A majestic tyrant
A natural query
A witness
to unlikely romanticism
gold bleeds into
scarred pewter sky
aubergine streaks through clouds
of mercury
orchestrated blue
vectors of halcyon consumed
but not lost
Cold beauty perpetually
veiled and exposed
Forever altered and immoveable
The gods live in the godless
ignobly assigned to craven dreams
whose sharp shadows drive
the intimacies of the
lurking cycle of birth, crawl and death.

Sometimes the eyes
closed on the disc
fading to afterburn.