Listening to the Judge Sonia Sotomayer confirmation hearings some images come to mind

-a bullfight with all matadors circling and the bull being drugged and stabbed in the pen

-a minuet in clogs.

-Anita Hill letting swing a few sandbags

but leave it to Sen. Lindsay Graham for the LOTD day referring to Sotomayer’s now famous statement about “a wise Latino woman” reaching a better opinion that a white man. Graham set out a muscled argument that if he had made a similar statement “If I Lindsay Graham said I would make a better Senator than represent South Carolina…If I had said anything like that…they would have had my head…others could not get remotely close to that statement and survive.”

A great point by Sen. Graham to which I would reply. “Absolutely, now, yes, I agree with you, but do you want to go back say 10-300 years?