Philly Qfest’s final night and GLBT doves flocked to the theater to see the premiere of The Big Gay Musical (is there any other kind?)with a Broadway cast and shot in 17 days in NY, this movie has rough edges and a huge heart.

Directors Casper Andreas and Fred M. Caruso and were on hand to answer questions (savvy room fellows, you should have been more prepared with better jokes. The film send-ups of Broadway war-horses adapted to tell the story of the off-Broadway production of ‘Adam and Steve: Just the way God made them’ the musical and the religious right’s antigay agenda. Daniel Robinson and Joey Dudding, are handsome off-Broadway babies (and all around nice guys) on leave from Legally Blond and A Chorus Line.

Beforehand the Qfest awards were given out and some news by Philly film ambassador Thom Cardwell, who announced a new co-op with the French film industry presenting ‘la Cinemateque’ starting in Sept.