The GOP 2012 potential frontrunner gov. Mike Huckabee reinterated his stance against gay marriage, but beefed it up with comments equating gay marriage to polygamy, incest and drug addiction. He is obviously bending over backwards for the religious right who want to keep alive myths about gays.

Again this bizarre and idiot point that gay marriage would allow polygamists, for instance, to be allowed to get married. Doesn’t that happen anyway in the US.  He wants to construct a slope that doesn’t exist. We’re not talking about any other group than gay American couples who pay taxes and are in commited relationships and want to be civilly recognized. It has nothing to do with drugs, pedophilia, beastiality or polygamy. Huckabee is playing to the basest of politics and I’m glad he is the frontrunner, because we will see what we’re really up against. I’d call him Fuckabee from now on, but it would insult a whole species perfectly respectable drones.

A new tactic of the religious right is to put in people’s minds the most prurient, fetishistic images of gay sex. The question of whether any consensual sex act between adults that doesn’t harm anyone is technically legal (at least for now) and is done in private, seems to be a moot point.  Huckabee and followers know sure as the Old Testament forbids shellfish meals God doesn’t want any butt fucking between mens.  It works in building an ick factor at the ballot box. Rather than talking about the real civil rights issues of fairness under the law in civil rights, they want to make sure that gay marriage equals evil sex acts.