Last night at Qfest for Argentinian film Absente, a character study about a swim coach who is being stalked by a 16 year old student. A hothouse gay Lolita, pretty flimsy, lots of leers and threats of shower scenes, but with good performances. Had to get out of the filmy clamminess & biked down to Penn’s Landing jetty for a magnifiscent hot, breezy dusk. The pink, grays and blues reflected off spare clouds over the CC skyline, with the almost full moon hanging high in some southeast summer haze. The water glistened and from a distant dock someone singing  a Sinatra knockoff version of All the Way.

Speaking of All the Way, 20 minutes later back at the festival those New Jersey college students Matty and Bobby who broke (at the time) the Guinness BOWR for a kiss, clocking in at 33 + hrs, were on hand to present an Our Lips Are Sealed, a classy, independent documentary of the event. Even though the gay friends (not lovers) met all of the Guinness rules~ even streaming live on the internet for global audience, they were never given official acknowledgement by Guinness. Meanwhile, their real reason for going for it was a simple message of GLBTQ visibility in all aspects of life. kudos & kisses fellas.