The Skivvies Sleigh in Philly


Lauren Molina and Nick Crealy are the dynamic musical duo The Skivvies who regularly perform at Joe’s Pub in New York & attract the biggest Broadway musical stars who are ready to bare almost all for their vocal artistry to go for the big Skivvies reveal.  The Skivvies are currently on the first (bare) leg of their East/West coast tour which kicked off at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

Upstairs in the Kimmel’s Verizon Hall YannickNezet-Seguin was conducting the majestic Philadelphia Orchestra in Handel’sMessiah and downstairs in the SEI Studio, Broadway star Nick Adams (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; A Chorus Line) was belting out the second coming portraying Jesus to celebrate his birthday, first in modest sackcloth robes but then down to his loincloth skivvy to display his ‘cross’ training six-pack, even though he is belting out ‘Hungry Like a Wolf’ .

But before the biggest reveal, Molina and Crealy got things off with a jolly start with the medley “I Saw Mama kissing Santa Claus that slides into Earthy Kitt’s classic Santa Baby, de-censoring the lyric, Lauren assured that-  “He hurried down her chimney that night.”  Molina actually let fly her soprano range, that obviously had operatic training.  

Other seasonal hits included comic medleys of Winter Wonderland and the Winter wonderland erotic possibilities of the body.  “The Little Drummer Boy” medley with “We Got the Beat.”

A highlight came when Molina got a willing audience member to give up his cell phone & improvise a vocal on his latest text thread, with the opening line “BTW, you are more than your penis” which she turns into a vocal improv, singing the text messages. In this case a chat by the audience member to his friend, a costume designer, to make an (unnamed) actor’s costume itchy.

 Molina hilariously confronting the man “so you’re sabotaging someone’s costume….I know how that feels”  The audience was eating this up. Molina said the best text song they ever improvised was one they had a real-time hook up at a dressing room at H &M, but the man who was in the audience, an hour later, was with another date.”

Other very topical issues included the duo’s tune on climate change.  A scabrous ditty about riding a bike and being choked by exhaust, and just missing being run over by motorists texting and carbon emissions as they “drive my yellow bike.”  And the shadiest parody of Britney Spears un-auto-tunedvoice (my ears are still bleeding.)

They were asking the audience what they wanted for Christmas and that included “A fucking boyfriend” “wine” “snow on the roof, but not on the road” all presented to a disgruntled Santa elf “I’m overworked, we don’t get night off, if you want to know the truth Santa’s a dick.”

Adams in a flannel onesie that he teasingly unzips during his rocked out version of ‘Slave for you’ that glides into ‘Work hard for the money’ (Molina on sharp cello accompaniment) and ‘Dolly’s “Nine to Five.’ “Do you want a fucking boyfriend”  “Sure” Adams replies as he strips down to a gold sequin posing pouch and old-timey Xmas lights?  

Singer Jennie Lee Stern is The Virgin Mary complete with a spiked halo, and Biblical maternity robe to sing “Like a Virgin” then a defiant “Papa Don’t Preach” then the mighty real reveal with her beautiful 5-month old baby in a front harness as she belts out Tina’s “ProudMary.”   Later, Stern came out ala Streisand in 60s Babs wig and dragon nails for the diva’s rapid-fire version of ‘Jingle Bells’on her 1968 Christmas Album.

This was their traveling show, they usually have more musicians, this time only with drummer Jay Mack, But Molina and were ready withCrealy also has a variety of electronic keyboard & Molina is an accomplished cellist, but travels with a mini-electric one. But mostly they are great vocalists. “Ring My Bells” & “Silver Bells” & the raunchy novelty hit “My Ding a Ling,” Sexual vaudeville lives.

So some zany musical, irreverent holiday funzies. Grab some sexy undies and snuggle in for a hot time. Adams asks Santa to bring him a boyfriend in a medley Santa, bring my baby home tonight” that slides into the Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and “I Touch my Elf” as Adams unzips down to a very full holiday stocking perfect for any man(tel.) 

The Skivvies have different local and Broadway guests for each show. Check their website for December tour dates –