After all that nastiness with politics and religion one needs a break darling. And the Palin menacing the land in tailored suits again, it’s just too, too scary. Turns out she’s a political bigfoot afterall.

Anyway. Perhaps I’ll watch a thriller. Maybe a Hitchcock or maybe John Schleisinger’s movie Marathon Man with that eternal tagline ‘Is it safe?’ I still do not have tv, but a lot on vids and discs. Course I need to be soothed tonight, so it might be Garbo after all. Now, Mata, Anna or Ninochka?  Roman, Frederick or Melvyn? Doesn’t matter it’s Garbo.

And just to clear up a Garbo myths. She did say ‘I want to be alone’ but there is no truth to the rumor that Novarro had to say the line ‘What’s the matter, Mata?’