Philly pretty beat up and still buried in piles of redirected snow which has been turned into shovel ready soot cliffs, it was easy to stay in today and do Monday homework. No one was open for business except the banks, forgetting that President’s day means more than store sales. Climbed out of the doldrums in steeped in opera and dance lands.
Was listening to the radio when Evan Bayh announced he was not seeking reelection because of the party rancor that prevents governing and just got really pissed at both parties.
Well the GOP won’t be happy until they are the only party, until then, they will obstruct. It is disgusting that they would ever crow about no bipartisanship. Forget governing, when the they don’t get their way, like the character Fatty Arbuckle used to play, a petulant child, they break what is in front of them. And they will do and say anything to smear their opponents. They lie, cheat and spit on democracy.
On the Democratic side, they just don’t fight hard enough and I get the queasy feeling because they are afraid of their own jobs. Byah is one of the most sane, compassion and intelligent lawmakers we have, the fact that he is being driven out of politics because it is so toxic is disheartening. Who can blame him. He is a man of character and wants to fight for his causes where it will count, not where it will be turned into so much poison. Merde!
Turned off the radio and put on Chet Baker quintet Let’s get Lost just as it was getting darker. Made mock soup, which really means I blanche everything and build up the broth all in 15 minutes, so it is good enough, but doesn’t have any depth of flavor, but is healthy on a damp day-
for gay sautee
chicken garlic soup with Chinese vegetables
1- Chicken broth with 2 full cloves of garlic, 1 onion, 1 red pepper minced, any spices that are remaining in the cabinet.
2- Chinese veggie pack from the produce store with Bok choy, water chestnuts, baby corn, broccoli, mushrooms & bamboo shoots (save a few for GOP fingernails)
Sautee with salad dressing until greens glow, pour in broth.
Had lunch and reread the more blistering sections of Ned Rorem‘s diary LIES.