Eastrium Borneo

                                   I saw the midnight sun

elements came
together for
the 123 new species
to debut on Earth Day
For the spring line
The rainbow frogs
Rhacophorus Penanorum 3.5 cent.
green in the day, brown at night
Too, too earthy
with webbed Feet that flies them around
The perimeter
Took center stage
Mizhari collected
The flies
17 species of fish
5 amphibia
5 reptiles
Only one bird appearing
Over 67 flora blooming
Ibycus rachelae
The much heralded now slug
Its body 3 times the length
Of its head
From a curled position
fires calcium carbonate
To reproduce
and at Isaac
Phobaeticus chani mistaken
For rainsticks has been nonetheless
Blocking entry to
The leaf basilica
In an attempt to save
5 hectares Of rainforest
All in all a
greenday even if
everthing didn’t show.