Pull the Cheney

Still reeling from the two bombshells this week.

Who could have guessed that Dick Cheney is behind deregulating the accoustic shut-off valve at the bottom of the BP oil rig. He waived that L&I requisite to save BP $500,00 when they were making the well deal during his administration. The containment tank failed to cap the gusher over the weekend so now the soulless BP execs are saying they are going to have to stuff trash in the pipe to staunch the flow.
I have a suggestion- if the Dick fits, stuff it.

Reker’s Island

And for years I’ve wanted politcally powerful antigay group The Family Research Council to explain exactly what they were research and which family. I’m delusional of course. That group exists to collect money from homophobes. There is another story about a sick closet case, a FRC co-founder working politically to stop gay rights while he himself might be on the DL. This creeper is named aptly named George Reker

He has been exposed hiring a young man from a gay male escort service off a internet to ‘carry his bags’ (almost witty that) on a two week trip to Europe. He of course denies anything sexual went on in gay Paree. But in the service contract, obtained by CNN in an interview piece with the escort, Reker’s paid for daily massages.

Reker’s was a paid ‘expert’ witness in the state of Florida’s suit to uphold the ban on gay adoptions. So gay couples providing a stable home for an unwanted kid is unacceptable, but Reker’s double life Make that a triple life, he’s a reverend. The FRC is distancing themselves from him not because he could choke on his own hypocrisy but because he might be getting more than rubdowns. That’s all folks.