Lightning  forms

flashes down

dead sigh

Night growl

Catch a fire

catch a slide

catch a horse

Risk dignity for this money

Thinking of Langston

the black writers


thinking of complete

order and chaos of Stravinsky

sound maze

float a run

I’m here now

yesterday, I was here now

Hoist a feather

Blowdown a mountain

Burst a note inside out

Dice the math

‘Yeah, strings, I want strings.’

you can quote me

Don’t mess with the bassline

keep everybody else where you are

‘just bring in the strings.’

so can this document

the fragmentation

in our soul? could sound like it.

A hundred years from

now my music will be in concert halls.’

My lip’s going

but it’s fine tonight. Let’s play

‘I played with everybody, but

I only want to play with you.

Slow the speed of light

The bird swoops

soars and scares

Red says I can quit

but he doesn’t know

the homestretch of

this dissonance is a  

melody track

I can only follow alone.